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Super Movers of Albuquerque is the company that caters to all your needs when it comes to moving services, we have been serving Albuquerque and the surrounding areas in the county of Bernalillo for many years now. Locally owned by our family in which we take great delight in relieving our customers of all moving-related stress. We have a courteous and skilled crew that provides a high-quality moving experience in every move. Always on time and handle your items as if they were our own, all without breaking your bank.

If you’re looking for a business that can transfer your possessions with the highest level of quality and competence while also being affordable, and treats people like real people (not just like any other businesses in the country do), kindly contact us at Super Movers at Albuquerque today, and allow us to have the opportunity to talk with you about your moving needs. We average 50+ relocation per month and have been doing it for several years throughout Bernalillo County. This provides us with a level of experience and skill that few other moving company can match. When we efficiently and properly execute all of your moving needs without incident, you will be able to see the benefits of this experience yourself.

Various Moving Services on our Menu

Packaging & Unpacking

Allow us to take care of everything from start to finish, relieving you of all stress. Top off packing and unpacking services.

House Moves

We’ve moved houses of various sizes, with as many or as few bedrooms as you need, as well as stores, flights of stairs, and more!

Commercial Moves

There is no job is too big or too small for us. We’ve moved retail stores, restaurants, and major corporate buildings before.

Long Distance Moves

For us, no distance is too great. We can look after you even if you live on the other side of the country or on the other coast. Please contact us!

Single heavy item Moves

We have the skills to help you with everything from a piano to a huge refrigerator, vending machines, and freezers.

Apartment or Condo Moves

We can also assist you in moving into or out of condos. We’ve seen everything. For a few consultations and a free quote, give us a call!

professional movers moving house furniture

We’re not just in the business of providing moving services. We offer you “Peace of Mind” services

Moving has become a common occurrence in many of our lives these days. And it is, without exception, a difficult, inconvenient task that no one looks forward to. Our company’s objective is to entirely eradicate that dreadful sensation for you and your family as moving day approaches. Our movers can handle EVERYTHING that has to be done during a move, including:

  • Free on-the-spot consultation to discuss the best and most convenient strategy for your relocation, as well as an appealing, no-obligation quote tailored to your specific requirements
  • Packing at the start and unpacking at the end
  • Furniture and belongings can be disassembled and reassembled in a reasonable amount of time.
  • Supplying moving goods such as boxes, wardrobe boxes, duct tape, dollies, and other specialty equipment
  • Fragile items, such as appliances, furniture, pianos, and delicate décor, are packaged to prevent scratches and dents during the journey.
  • A vehicle that is the proper size for your relocation, as well as the right number of movers, based on the size and other factors.

Why we may be the best moving company not just in Albuquerque, but all of New Mexico

We don’t mean to suggest that we’re the best. On their websites, all other moving firms appear to do this a lot! We merely have some strong arguments and facts to back up our suspicions that we may really the best to help you with your moving needs. Please call us to find out for yourself.

Super Movers Of Albuquerque began with a vision: to provide the city of Albuquerque and the rest of New Mexico with a moving business that is honest, experienced, committed, and dedicated to positively impacting the lives of its clients and the community. Without professional and qualified movers, even the smallest of moves may be rather stressful. Unlike most other movers, Super Movers of Albuquerque considers a relocation to be more than just moving boxes and furniture from one location to another. There’s a lot more to it than that.

It’s a new chapter in your life, a fresh start with new dreams for a brighter future. When you employ us to assist you in kicking-starting this wonderful shift, we consider it a privilege. We make it our primary goal to go above and beyond your expectations and provide a great moving experience for all of our clients. The moving company you pick will be one of the first service providers at your new home or office. Imagine being ecstatic with their service and all-smiles as you settle into your new home for the first time. That is what we, the Super Movers of Albuquerque, guarantee to you.

This level of compassion, combined with our extensive experience, competence, and competency in completing moves, may make us your ideal moving company choice, maybe even across New Mexico.

Reasons to hire Super Movers of Albuquerque

moving truck


Our moving staff is completely insured and bonded and has extensive expertise with all types of relocation. We’ve moved 3-tonne refrigerators, six-figure grand pianos, every piece of furniture you can think of, 400-square-foot apartments, eight-bedroom houses, and anything in between. We are quick and efficient, and we handle your valuables as if they were our own. When you choose us, you can rest assured that the job will be done correctly.

affordable pricing


We don’t only transport your possessions from one location to another. Wherever possible, we provide full packing services, packaging supplies, general disassembly and assembly, as well as storage solutions. We can handle all of your relocation needs under one roof. Ours. This is more convenient and cost-effective than going to multiple service providers for various parts of moving.

affordable pricing


We give you with an unique price for your moving needs based on the size of the move, the size of truck needed, the number of movers required, and other parameters of the move. We take pleasure in being extremely economical movers who provide quality that even the most costly moving company cannot match. Call us today for a free, no-obligation quote.

affordable pricing


We endeavor to provide the most professional and pleasant client experience possible from the moment you phone us for a moving price to the time our packers and movers leave your new apartment or place of business after providing professional services. We communicate openly and transparently, arrive on time at your home, and aim to eliminate any surprises along the route. We consider our consumers to be more than just a transaction. We work to establish a long-term relationship with you so that you won’t need Google the next time you relocate. You’ve saved our phone number to your phone!

moving truck


We provide you with modern trucks that are appropriately sized for your relocation needs. We have a diverse team of movers, and we match you with the proper person for your particular services need. We have piano movers, extra-heavy appliance movers, and other specialized movers on staff, and we make sure you get the help you need. To ensure a safe and efficient relocation, we deploy efficient dollies and other heavy weight leverage machinery.

moving truck


We are exclusively local do roughly 50+ moves per month in and around the Plymouth and Norfolk counties and we’ve been doing this for years. And we do all types of moves whether it is moving a detached house, townhome, condos, offices, shops etc. With this amount of experience, it won’t be an exaggeration if we said we know professional moving in and around Massachusetts like the back of our hands. Our movers are best suited for any moving need you may have

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We have a lot of positive feedback on sites like HomeAdvisor, Yelp, and Google. Give us a call and give us the chance to serve you with a stress-free white glove moving service you’ll never forget!

Amazing company, amazing people! Considering that this a huge step for us, moving in Massachusetts, we are very happy with their service. Super Movers have been absolutely excellent in catering our needs, they have stood up to their promise and delivered our belongings in a very professional manner. They know what they’re doing and rest assured it was a flawless, unproblematic move. A moving company that definitely didn’t break our bank. Very recommendable!”

“It was an awesome experience for us having Super Movers do the job. There were a couple of huge pieces of furnitures that were relocated without any scratch on three separate floor levels. It was a very short notice with a tight timeline, but the whole process was so simple and went on smoothly. Their pricing was also extremely cheap, and the movers were really pleasant!”

“An efficient and professional workforce runs this company. From beginning to end, it was a fantastic experience. I would suggest this moving company for any job since they are trustworthy and honest.”

Detailed moving check-list for your convenience

planning your move in advance

About 8 weeks before moving day:

  • Begin looking for a reputable moving company. Don’t make a reservation with the first person you speak with. Call up a few, ask them for quotes, and not just their hourly rate but also get a sense of how long do they estimate for the move. To avoid any unpleasant shocks at the last minute, inquire about what services are covered and what services they do not provide. Check internet reviews to make sure you’re hiring the best moving company. Super Movers of Albuquerque has the most competitive rates, is the most efficient, and provides you with entirely clear pricing and proposals. Call us for a free, no-obligation quote, and we guarantee you’ll love us. We’re a locally owned and operated house moving company.
  • Start thinking about the household things you’d like to donate or sell on Craigslist, Facebook, or other online marketplaces. Call non-profit donation-accepting businesses and schedule a pick-up or drop-off time well in advance. Salvation Army and ABQ’s own Habitat for Humanity are two of our suggestions.

  • Prepare a handy file or a folder on your computer to begin monitoring all of your moving-related expenses as well as any tax-deductible receipts you may receive. Remember that moving expenses such as movers’ fees, transport, hotel, and even meals are all tax deductible. To confirm specifics on any tax-related problems, please speak with your tax expert.

About 4 weeks before moving day:

  • Ensure that all of the furniture in your home that you want to get rid of has been scheduled to be picked up, either by a buyer or a local non-profit organization.
  • If you plan to move by yourself, start gathering moving supplies and packing your belongings. Alternatively, you can entrust this to our experienced packers and movers. We understand that shifting houses entails a plethora of duties; contact us for assistance with the most difficult ones. Albuquerque’s Super Movers may undoubtedly be your packers as well.
  • You can set up a mail forwarding service by USPS for yourself. Begin transferring any physical subscription services you have at your current residence to your new location.
  • Begin to look for and purchase any furnishings you have in mind for your new home. Many internet businesses, as well as physical establishments, require several weeks to deliver their goods. You want to make sure that you get all of your important items delivered before you move into your new home.
  • Kick off being your own ‘interior designer’ for your new home. Prepare a floor plan and decide where all of your personal belongings and furniture will go in your new home. When you direct our experienced movers to drop off the proper items in the right rooms of your new house, this will come in handy.
professional movers moving your belongings
planning your move in advance and contacting a moving company

About 1 week before moving day:

  • Begin cleaning and disconnecting the appliances you’ll be bringing to your new home.
  • Begin to plan on finishing up shortlived products before relocating, and plan for meals for the last days you’ll be spending on your current house, this way there is no need for you to have a full-packed refrigerator and so you could avoid wasting food items.
  • For your convenience, complete packing and labeling items beforehand. Or if you hired the movers to do an entire moving package, then you can leave it to them too.
  • Change your address on your driver’s license, health card, vehicle registration, insurance, banks and credit cards, the IRS, your place of employment, all affiliations, and even your family.
  • Arrange to disconnect and relocate your utilities accounts, security system, internet service, gas/oil, telephone (for those who still have this) and all similar services.
  • It’s a good idea to make a detailed inventory list of everything you’re relocating to your new home.

Moving day:

  • Make yourself available for our prompt and experienced movers to arrive at your home and begin packing and transferring your belongings.
  • Prior to relocating, inform our crew of any particular instructions you may have regarding any of your valuables.
  • Before shipment, check items off the inventory list as they are loaded into the vehicle by our movers.
  • Leave keys for the new residents of your previous home at a mutually agreed-upon location.
  • As our movers put your belongings into your new home, try to be accessible at the destination to check off the inventory list.
  • Prepare money for your movers.
  • Set out for a whole new chapter in your journey in your new home, with best wishes from our local Super Movers of Albuquerque family to yours!
movers finishing their move
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