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The best house moving business in Albuquerque and the surrounding towns of New Mexico is Super Movers of Albuquerque. We’ve been offering high-quality moving services for many years, so we understand how crucial and stressful moving your house can be. When it comes to moving into a new home, there is frequently excitement and joy, but there is also the dread of the actual moving process, which practically no one looks forward to. And it’s for this reason that our staff at Super Movers of Albuquerque is so passionate about what we do. The Super Movers of Albuquerque house moving business takes the worry out of moving and delivers you safely to your new home with our knowledge and competence. We send you off with a grin on your face, ready to embark on a new chapter in your lives. We are the local movers you can rely on to treat your things and residences as if they were our own. That is our moving company’s motto.

When it comes to household relocation, we follow a set of procedures. It all begins with the movers calling around a half-hour before the specified arrival time. When the movers arrive, they park the truck in a convenient location while adhering to all local requirements, inspect the items that need to be moved, and clear the path by placing door stoppers. To avoid scratches and excessive filth, floor runners and booties are used on floors and carpets.

Then, if not previously done, furnishings like the dining table, dresser mirrors, mattresses, patio swings, and cribs are deconstructed. Mattresses are covered, and furniture is wrapped in shrink wrap. Glass, TVs, marble tops, mirrors, and other sensitive goods are wrapped in padded blankets. Wardrobe boxes are given for clothing, and standard boxes are offered if the consumer requests them in advance. The items are then carefully loaded onto the vehicle and stacked to fill the entire volume. Dollies come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and they’re used for a variety of purposes. If necessary, the doors are also removed to allow for proper maneuvering of the objects.

After the items have been transported to their new location, they are placed in their proper locations and the furniture is reassembled according to the customer’s instructions.

We help all different types of home moving and the requirements and recommendation around moving each house depends on the size, location, layout and structure of the house. Some general guidelines are:

moving company professionals moving a sofa

Detached/ Semi-Detached/ Bungalow/ Houses

For this type of transportation, larger trucks are recommended. For extra cubic feet of moving space, a small truck can be added to a larger vehicle. It will also be easier to park the trucks, and you will have the option of hiring as many movers as you require. This flexibility helps you to strike a balance between relocation time and expense. Of course, we will gladly provide you with a competent recommendation based on our experience!

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Townhouse/ Row-house/ Townhome

It’s difficult to relocate to a townhouse. When there is a limited amount of space to maneuver larger goods, it is always best to be cautious. Some townhouses are even three stories or higher, requiring more than two movers to complete a single relocation. Because parking a vehicle in the driveway is challenging, a medium-sized truck is advised. As always, we can tell you how many specialists and trucks you’ll need based on the structural arrangement of your home, the square footage, and the number of flights of stairs.

moving out of or into a basement house

Basement Houses

A walkout basement home or one with a stairway going to the main door of the house are both options. It may appear to be a little structural variation, but it has a significant impact on the amount of effort required to complete the maneuver. Because the truck will most likely be parked a short distance from the house, it is best to store all of the loose goods in relatively larger boxes so that they can be easily lifted into the truck.

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What we offer:


We have a large group of experienced specialists at Super Movers of Albuquerque, your house moving company of choice. We can send as few or as many crew members as you need to help you move within the restrictions you’ve set.


We arrive fully equipped and ready to go. Tape, protective blankets, mattress coverings, plastic wraps, dollies, supplies, and other special tools and equipment are carried by our movers to aid in the safe and quick moving of heavy objects to your new home.


We get the work done regardless of your house’s structural arrangement, limited spaces, steep or short steps. We have years of experience moving into and out of the most difficult homes, something that not every moving firm can claim.


Our team is also well-versed in the art of packing. We frequently assist in the packing of any last-minute items you may have forgotten or did not have time to pack. If you let us know ahead of time, we can also provide moving boxes, tape, and wardrobe boxes.


Most furniture may be disassembled and reassembled by our team. Please notify us in advance of any such unusual request so that we can be prepared and inform you of our capabilities. Our goal is to make the moving day as unpredictable as possible for you.


We’re one of the few moving businesses that can provide long-distance transportation across multiple states. Call us and we’ll figure out how to get you from point A to point B, no matter how far away they are.

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